Water Damage Restoration Service

The National Restoration Network is committed to providing a service that exceeds customer expectations across all categories of disaster relief, with a standard of professionalism and discretion that is unparalleled. Our team of certified and highly experienced technicians on 24/7 call. Rest assured that when a problem does arise, the NRN is prepared to act diligently to minimize and immobilize any disaster, getting you back on the road to recovery.

The NRN has worked extensively with property owners in helping them recover from the aftermath of misfortunate events, from floods to an overflowed bathtub. Although the effect of this on a domestic or commercial property can have lasting implications, the NRN produce a recovery rate like no other – whether it’s a bursting basement pipe, or washing machine malfunction, our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We ensure to work closely alongside our clients, to achieve a further understanding of any of the client’s preferences that must be noted before our technician begins the extraction process.

To minimise cost and maximise the effectiveness of the restoration, awareness of visible water damage beginning to accumulate is important. Even signs as obvious as standing or pooling water can have an underlining problem, as they are usually a result of malfunctioning washers, water heaters and bathrooms being left unattended. It is also important to look for any discolouration to walls and ceilings as they become weak and hazardous overtime.

Idle water trapped in damp and hard to reach areas begins to generate mould that will disperse a noticeable musty odour – commonly indicating water damage. Water damage can be high-risk when affecting ceilings, walls and floors where piping and wiring have been laid around the exterior of a building. Our crews are trained to salvage through any structural, drywall, carpet, tiles, hardwood flooring and sub flooring to reduce the overall expense of claims. As we are ready and equipped for the worst, all technicians are fitted with air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, air blowers and moisture testing equipment. Our drying units cover from 2,000 to 5,000 cubic feet per minute and can dry up to one million square feet if necessary. Our dehumidifiers work at best in low humidity and dry areas where most industrial units fail. Our technicians are also trained in procedures to effectively disinfect and remove any contaminated water to provide an optimal recovery rate for any property.


Our technicians will examine your property to determine the extent of the restoration required to rectify the situation to your ultimate satisfaction.

Depending on the nature of the damage, the technicians are trained and ready to perform all necessary services, such as:

- Assessment of moisture level readings
- Water Extraction
- Drying of building and contents
- Drying to structure and timber flooring
- Operation of air blowers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers.
- Assessment of what is beyond salvageable
- Removal and relay of carpet
- Carpet repairs
- Carpet cleaning
- Carpet re-stretching

The National Restoration Network team are on call 24/7, so can be onsite and starting the extraction process within the hour.

The total process for smaller domestic water damage restoration typically takes a few days, however it can take up to several weeks for larger-scale damage.

Any signs of visible water ingress such as pooling water or discolouration of carpet will be an indicator that you require water damage restoration services.

Likewise, discolouration or walls and ceilings is an indicator of water damage that should be taken seriously, as without prompt treatment, these structures can become weak and hazardous.

Water ingress in less visible or more difficult to reach areas will eventually begin to omit an odour – this is a sign that there may be water damage affecting your property.

Small spills may not result in microbial growth, meaning it may be viable to allow the carpet to dry on its own. However, there can be no guarantee that there will be no permanent damage or that indoor air quality will not be impacted.

Carpet flooring can usually be salvaged if the water comes from a clean source and has not been left to sit for more than 24 hours.

Wooden flooring affected by water ingress can typically be salvaged with the instalment of our commercial dehumidifiers which will effectively extract the moisture.

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