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If you have a mould problem, National Restoration Network has the solution.

We have highly trained IICRC certified technicians that use state of the art equipment to identity and remediate any mould growth, providing services of the highest quality and ensure all mould at your property is removed.

Every type of mould problem is different, and we take the necessary steps determine the severity of your situation and deliver a personalised and effective response – customer satisfaction being our #1 objective.

As a property owner, its critical to act quickly after discovering a potential mould problem, as mould is a fungus that causes organic materials to decay, and it can quickly grow and spreading to various materials including drywall, wood and tile. Mould thrives in areas that are moist and humid, and its existence can sometimes be observable through a musty odour or discolouration of materials.

Particularly, if your property has been impacted by water, it is important to have the areas cleaned as soon as possible, as mould formation can begin within 48 hours of water damage.

disaster you may have. We handle any job big or small and any type of property to residential, commercial or industrial. We want to help get your life and business back track with as little as interruption as possible and do it without having you lose any economic opportunities.


On average, it takes 24-48 hours for mould to materialise after water damage has occurred. However, in severe cases, mould can begin growing immediately.

Regardless of the visibility of mould, if you have had water affect your property, you are at risk of mould growth. Often, the impact of mould extends farther than what is visible to the naked eye. Usually where there is visible mould growth, there is also unobservable mould growth behind those areas, such as inside flooring or walls. After a property has been impacted by water, although mould may not yet be observable, there is a high probability that it has begun to develop in these darker areas (such as inside walls and flooring). Therefore, after water damage, it is critical to have your property inspected by an expert.

Mould is a fungus which produces airborne spores that have the potential to pose serious health and safety risks to occupants if inhaled. Over time, mould can cause occupants to develop respiratory conditions, and in some cases trigger allergies and asthma.

Typically, our technicians begin by identifying the source of the mould growth and the extent of its impact. This includes inspecting areas around and behind where mould may be visible or where the property has been impacted by moisture, by using moisture/humidity metres or infrared cameras.

Once our technicians have determined the nature of the mould growth, we provide you with a detailed report of findings, as well as prepare a plan to successfully remove the mould and prevent any regrowth.

Our technicians can then perform the removal process which typically involves drying out and treating the affected area to prevent the mould from growing again.

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